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Ya Ya! The 36th Comrade Raid is now scheduled for activation. Friday, the 23rd at 7:00 PM CST will commence the "Cards Against HUMANITY Night". We will host 3 to 4 different game lobbies and the 1st place winners will receive Discord Nitro Giveaway from the Empyrean. If you win, you can continue to play, but cannot win twice. I hope to see as many comrades as possible and lets have a good time together. Bring your Imperial Brew, Empyrean…

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ComradesGate.com is back online. Our hosting source is now back online and we have a new website to kick off this new era of Comrade's Gate. The Kingdom is rising once again on the novelty wave and as imperials we must rise with it. I look forward to a summer full of memories, comradeship, and community. We are now one and half years old. This website is a simple information portal to the community and discord server. The Kingdom Prevails.

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